Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving turkey cupcakes - brown sugar pound cakes with bailey's irish cream frosting

After being inspired by Bakerella's Thanksgiving cake pops, I decided I wanted to make turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving.  (And no, they are not made out of turkey!)  I went with brown sugar pound cakes (recipe from Martha Stewart once again), with a Bailey's Irish Cream frosting.  

Then I piped the turkey's body out of chocolate cream cheese frosting.  I added candy corn for the feathers, and an M&M for the face (I originally tried using Whoppers, but the eye balls didn't stand out enough).  I dotted the eyes with an edible food marker, added an orange rainbow chip for the beak, and an upside-down heart confetti sprinkle for the wattle.

I haven't had candy corn for years, but I remember loving them as a kid (I could eat them by the handful).  But when I tasted the candy this time, I couldn't believe how they were much too sweet!  So I ended up  removing most of them when eating the cupcake.

As for the cupcake and the frosting, I loved the combination.  The brown sugar pound cake was caramel-y and not too sweet, and the Bailey's in the frosting complimented the cake perfectly, and gave it just a little touch of Holiday cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. love your photography... i m starting to look into taking some good food pics myself.. any tips will definitely be appreciated

    if you like you can share some pics on my website tastingspot.com

  2. These are so cute! I made them last week and they worked out amazingly :) I even blogged about them, and made sure to link it back to you!

  3. Sharing this on my Facebook page! Found you via Pinterest :) LOVE THESE!


  4. Oh wow, I love everything about this recipe! The presentation is just adorable. Thanks for linking up at my Thanksgiving blog hop!

  5. These look amazing. I am going to try for Thanksgiving. Do you have a recipe for the bailey's frosting?

    1. yes i do! for the bailey's frosting:

      1 stick cream cheese
      1/2 stick butter
      3 cups confectioner's sugar
      pinch of salt
      2-3 tablespoons bailey's, to taste

      using a paddle attachment, whip the cream cheese and the butter together until creamy. then add the rest of the ingredients and whip until fluffy.

      can't wait to see how yours turns out!

    2. Thank you! They tasted amazing. I refrigerated the frosting before decorating but for some reason it was a still a little runny so they didn't come out as pretty as yours.

    3. so glad they came out good! :)

  6. They are called Brown sugar pound cakes....What recipe did you use for the cupcake mix?? To make it brown sugar tasting???

  7. They are called Brown sugar pound cakes....What recipe did you use for the cupcake mix?? To make it brown sugar tasting???

  8. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing your lovely creativity.