Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween cupcakes - pumpkin cupcakes with browned butter cream cheese frosting

A few weeks ago, I had signed up to make pumpkin pie for Matthew's preschool class Halloween party.  I had envisioned making cute individual mini pumpkin pies instead of one large pie.  But when Halloween week rolled around, I was more in the mood to make cupcakes!  So I decided to make pumpkin cupcakes instead.

I found a nice Martha Stewart recipe for the cupcake, and it came out tender and moist, with just the right amount of spices to enhance the pumpkin.  For the topping, I upgraded my favorite cream cheese frosting by adding some browned butter, just to give it a nuttier taste, and in the end the flavors of the frosting and the cupcake married quite nicely.

To go with the Halloween theme, I made my frosting look like spiderwebs:

I was originally going to pipe spiders on top of the webs too, but spiders really gross me out, and I don't want to even think about eating them!  So instead I piped a happy jack-o-lantern on top.

Happy Halloween!


  1. We were lucky enough to taste these wonderful cupcakes! You rock Michele!
    -- Hsing

  2. i love these! they're adorable :) p.s. spiders really gross me out, too

  3. So cute and adorable, love the spidery idea, nice cupcake, happy halloween!!

  4. browned cream cheese frosting... sounds fantastic.. can I get the recipe please?

    1. @Anonymous - sure! sending you an email now! :)

    2. That frosting sounds amazing! the jack-o-lanterns, so cute....would it be possible to get recipe for the frosting?

  5. Nice cupcakes! It was nice the idea of spiders but the jack o' lantern is so cute! ;)