Wednesday, June 22, 2011

strawberry-lemonade macarons

For my next batch of macarons, I decided to make a combination of my lemon macarons and my strawberry macarons ... giving me strawberry-lemonade macarons!  Lately I've liked the look of sprinkling macarons with things such as earl grey tea, or cocoa powder, so this time I thought it would be really beautiful to have a sprinkling of strawberries on top.

I've read that macaron shells are very senstivite to moisture, so I decided to use dehydrated strawberries (from Trader Joe's) that I ground up in my food processor.  I sprinkled the strawberry bits on a few of the shells before baking, and thought the color contrast looked really beautiful!

Alas, I hadn't thought about what would happen to those dehydrated strawberries while they baked in the oven.  I had envisioned them a beautiful vivid red color, but ended up with ... dark brown!  At least they didn't taste like burnt strawberries, in fact they were still quite tangy, but they looked more like burnt bacon bits!

It was a good thing I hadn't covered all of them with the strawberry powder.  At least half of them still looked pretty, although plain.  So I brought the plain ones to work to share, and left the ugly ones at home to eat!


  1. Hmmm... so yummy!

    Too bad I have to cut on sweets these days,
    my sugar level is up.

  2. Charming macarons. Love the flavor choice.

  3. Hi, great looking macarons. Do you have the recipe on the blog anywhere or do you not post them?

  4. @Mikki - yeah i always feel bad posting other people's recipes. so i tend to just link to site or book where i got the recipe. the recipe is from pierre herme's macaron book, which is in french, but i don't mind sharing my loose translation - just send me an email if you still want it!

  5. Could you please send me the recipe!!

    1. @Anonymous - sure! just send me an email (link in the "contact me" section) and i'll send it to you right away!

  6. Everything you make is really cute, but why don't you ever include full recipes? I just spent 20 minutes linking back from one recipe, to ten other blog posts you mentioned, but none of them actually include recipes, or even a basic outline on how to make them :( The small bits of info you do mention usually just link back to another post, with great pics but no breakdown of the steps or all ingredients.

    I'm sure nothing I do will come out half as cute, but I'd love to at least give some of them a shot :) Please consider including some ingredient lists and steps with your amazing creations?

  7. Can I please get this awesome recipe? Here's my email:
    Thank you!

  8. Can I please get your recipe along with the lemon ceeam cheese filling recipe. My email is Thank you!