Wednesday, December 17, 2014

paw patrol badge cookies

My friend Celeste is another friend who asked me to make cookies after seeing the caterpillar cookies I made for Nancy! While Celeste and I recently reconnected via Instagram, I hadn't seen her since her wedding several years ago! Since she was having a Paw Patrol themed party for her oldest daughter Cameron, she asked me to make dog pone or paw print cookies. But when I suggested making cookies in the shape of the Paw Patrol badge logo, we both thought that would be better!

But first, I had to get my hubby to make me another custom copper cookie cutter :) As always, he obliged, and made me this awesome shiny new cutter!

After baking 2 batches of sugar cookies (recipe in my new book!), I started on the decorating. I made a batch of royal icing, divided it, and colored it. I started with the outlines for the dog bones on the badge, piped with stiff blue icing.

Next I used stiff yellow icing to pipe the letters "PAW", above the bone.

Then I switched back to the blue stiff icing to pipe the borders of the badge.

Next I filled in the bone and the badge borders with runny white icing...

.. and then filled the inside of the badge with runny red icing. I let the cookies dry overnight, and then went back with stiff blue icing to pipe the words "PATROL" on the bone, as well as outlining the bone with another layer of blue.

To make the letters pop a bit more, I did another outline of "PAW" with stiff yellow icing, and then added the final touch - a piped paw print in the center of the "A", with stiff white icing.

And then they were done!

I wrapped each cookie in a cellophane bag tied with raffia, since Celeste was going to add these as party favors in each goodie bag.

I met up with Celeste to give her the cookies, and got to meet her daughter Cameron for the first time! She's adorable! And it was so good seeing Celeste again after all these years! It's amazing how fast time flies, isn't it?

Happy birthday, Cameron! Hope you had an awesome party and enjoyed the cookies!


  1. These are fantastic! Do you sell them?

    1. @Megan - yes i take custom orders! but only if you are in the bay area. email me if interested!

  2. Hi i live in LA, do you sell them if so how much?

    1. @cindy - i live in northern ca. send me an email and we can discuss prices and shipping! thanks! :)

  3. Replies
    1. @Joline - yes i do ship! :) send me an email if you're interested!