Sunday, August 16, 2015

homemade oreos (homemade TKOs)

A few years ago, I tried making homemade oreos but I wasn't happy with them. The cookie was too crumbly, and the filling was too soft. Later on, I tasted the TKOs (Thomas Keller Oreos) at Bouchon Bakery. Delicious! I eventually bought myself a copy of the Bouchon Bakery book, and the homemade oreo recipe was the first thing I tried!

After rolling out the (very chocolaty) dough between two sheets of parchment paper, I cut out my scalloped circles with a 3-inch decorative cookie cutter.

And then baked them for about 16 minutes.

For the filling, I followed the white chocolate filling recipe in the book, but it didn't work for me. It came out very, very runny. So instead I whipped up a vanilla buttercream and used that instead.

The book tells you to pipe the filling in teardrop shapes, to accent the scalloped edges of the cookie. So pretty!

I have to admin, these were much much better than my first attempt at homemade oreos years ago. This cookie was more chocolately, with a slightly salty bite, and the texture was perfect to hold in the delicious filling. So addictive!!!


  1. These look amazing!! I'd love to try making them!

    If you want to you can check my blog out here - EatingYourselfHappy

    Have a great weekend :D

    1. thanks @Processed Sunshine ! i'll definitely check out your site!

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  3. And what recipe do you use?
    I cant't find a link

    1. @MyLtYkRiTiK - i used the recipe from thomas keller's "bouchon bakery" book! you can find it here: