Tuesday, January 11, 2011

baby shower cookies

My friend Sue had asked me to make cookie favors for a baby shower that she was hosting, and we decided that onesies and teddy bears would be perfect.  I ended up making three batches of my favorite homemade sugar cookie recipe - this made about 60 cookies, since she needed 24 favors and each favor would have one of each cookie, and I always make extra to allow for mess-ups!

Since the baby shower invitations were done in lavender, I went with that color theme for the royal icing.

I had bought little cellophane favor bags to package them in, but the onesie cookies were too big and wouldn't fit!  So I had to resort to using ziplock sandwich bags with the "ziplock" cut off.  Then I tied them with raffia and a custom tag (thanks to my husband for staying up late and helping me package them!).

new logo/banner

Special thanks to my awesome friends Gavin and Diana at Bumble Ink for making me a custom logo/banner!  I love it!!!  Thanks you guys!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

hello kitty birthday cake for melodie

To go along with the Hello Kitty mini cupcakes that I made for Melodie's first birthday party at daycare, I made a two-layer cake in the shape of Hello Kitty's head (thanks to this awesome cake pan!) for a small family gathering at my mom's house.  The bottom layer was chocolate cake, the top layer was strawberry cake, and it was filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting.

Unfortunately, the strawberry cake layer turned out very dense and heavy - not what I was going for.  I had used Martha Stewart's strawberry cupcake recipe, which turned out great for cupcakes here and here, but I guess it is a battter that is not meant for a whole cake.

In any case, I proceeded to decorate Hello Kitty, until she was completely covered in piped stars.

And in the end, Melodie loved her cake anyway :)

*** Update: I made this cake again several months later for a bridal shower. You can find the post here!