Wednesday, April 10, 2013

cat cookies and onesie cookies for a baby shower

To go along with the purple cat cake for Leona's baby shower, my good friend Diana had also asked me to make cat and onesie cookies as favors for the guests.  Using the cat logo from the baby shower invitation (designed by Diana and her husband Gavin, owners and creators of Bumble Ink), I decided to make two versions of the cat cookies - the original cat logo, and also just the cat face.

 I asked my husband to make custom cookie cutters for me, and he created both of them in one night!  He's the best!

For the cookie dough, I used my favorite homemade sugar cookie recipe, but you could of course use store bought sugar cookie dough.  After rolling out the dough, cutting out my shapes, and then baking them until golden, I whipped up my royal icing while waiting for the cookies to cool.  Once they were ready, I piped outlines on the cat cookies using stiff purple royal icing, and then filled them in with runny purple royal icing.

Then I did the same for the oneside cookies, except with this onesie cookie cutter and with white royal icing.

Once all the cookies were outlined and filled in, I let them dry overnight before piping on the details. The onesies were outlined with sage green, and I finished them by piping a tiny heart in the middle.

For the cat cookies, I used white for the details on the face, and more purple to add a final outline.

I thought the sage green royal icing matched the invitations pretty well, although the shade of purple royal icing for the cats was a bit off.  But oh well, they still looked cute!

And finally, a few pictures from the english tea themed baby shower!