Saturday, June 4, 2011

kahlua creme brulee

After making lemon macarons last the weekend (which use only egg whites), I had a bunch of egg yolks leftover, which I saved in the fridge.  So the next day, I decided to use them up by making creme brulee.

I used my favorite Barefoot Contessa recipe, except I used Kahlua instead of Grand Marnier.  I poured the custard into different sized ramekins, and baked them in a water bath for 35 minutes.

I could only faintly taste the Kahlua, so maybe next time I'll try adding a little bit more.  Or maybe I'd add some espresso to the custard too.

I ended up with a lot of creme brulee, so I shared some with our neighbors, and with my girls at work. (I even brought my flame torch to work, so that they would be freshly bruleed!)  Hope everyone enjoyed them!


  1. GORGEOUS photos! You have the perfect crust on your creme brulee...and now I'm dying to make a kahlua version. YUM.

  2. I can't see how they couldn't love them!

  3. Where can i get this recipe without buying the book? I live in India and the book's too expensive to buy and deliver here.

  4. @Mehernaaz - i can take a picture of the recipe in the book for you, just send me an email!