Thursday, December 15, 2011

kimchi jjigae

I've been into watching the show "Kimchi Chronicles" on PBS lately - it's a show where chef Jean-Georges and his wife Marja (who is half Korean) travel throughout Korea and taste different Korean foods, and then they go back home and each cook up a version of the dishes they tasted.  One weekend I watched an episode where they had kimchi jjigae, a spicy Korean kimchi soup.  My mouth immediately started watering, and after that day I've been obsessed with it!

A couple of weeks later I was craving that spicy soup, so I decided to try making it using Marja's recipe.  I didn't have any pork belly on hand, so instead I used a leftover rotisserie chicken, bones and all.  I know, rotisserie chicken bones in kimchi jjigae is probably not the authentic way to make it, but I was desperate for some soup!

So I browned my leftover chicken and bones with some sesame oil in my cast iron pot, added thinly sliced onions and chopped kimchi, and then covered it with water.  Then I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for over half an hour, then added a bit of fish sauce and scallions and allowed it to simmer for another 10-15 minutes.

It was so simple to make, yet so delicious!  Hot, sour, spicy, salty ... perfect for a cold winter day.  Next time I'm definitely going to try it with the pork belly!

*** Update: I have no made this several times, using various meats such as leftover roast chicken or turkey, spam, or portugese sausage, and I still love it each time!  One note about using portugese sausage - it makes the soup extra spicy, so beware when inhaling soup as the spiciness will make you cough!


  1. nice! soft tofu, ramen noodles, diakon radish and fishcakes are great optional additions too. Not all at once though, although I've never tried to...

  2. Just about anything can go into a Kimchi jijae. If I don't have any pork belly I usually put in Spam or hot dogs. I also put other veggies into too.

    Go to this Maangchi's Website.

    Her recipes are usually spot on.

  3. I just discoverd the same show! By the way, I second adding SPAM to kimchi jigae. Yummy!


  4. hungry! One of my favs! I like the one at Ohgane in Dublin too!

    1. @Janice Liao Shiao - ohhhh! i'll have to try that place! :)