Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sweet pea baby shower cake

Our good friends Cindy and Kai (the same couple who I made wedding cupcake pops for a couple of years ago) were going to have a large co-ed baby shower, and asked me to make a small cake for the dessert table.  The cake would not be intended to feed the guests, rather it would just be a little cake just for Cindy and Kai to enjoy together afterwards.  They mentioned that the colors would be yellow and green, and that they would like a "sweet pea" theme, so I set out to make them a little 6-inch sweet pea baby shower cake!

For the filling, I decided on freshly whipped cream and sliced strawberries, since I know Cindy likes her desserts on the lighter side and not too sweet.

For the cake, I made two 6-inch chocolate cake layers - the layers came out rather tall, so I decided to split them in half, giving me 4 chocolate cake layers.

Then I whipped up a batch of cream cheese buttercream, colored the majority of it a golden yellow, did a quick crumb coat of frosting, and then covered the sides with a basketweave design using a Wilton #47 tip.

After mixing all the frosting colors that I would need for my sweet pea design (chocolate brown, green, darker green, and ivory for a flesh tone), I piped the sweet pea in the middle of the cake, followed by a congratulations message in chocolate brown frosting.

The baby shower was a blast; there were lots of games and activities, and they had a mix of all their favorite foods and desserts.

My favorite part was the hands-free baby bottle beer drinking contest!

Congratulations Cindy and Kai!  Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you, and I hope you enjoyed the cake!


  1. ohhh, this post makes me VERY hungry right before Lunch!!!

  2. That cake is beautiful. Looks delicious too!

  3. Looks delicious...

  4. This cake is absolutely adorable.

  5. Hi Michele! I have always been afraid to put fresh fruit into my cakes but after seeing you do it multiple times here; I finally gave it a try. Will link back once I have my post up.
    I always found my standard buttercream too sweet and used your tip with throwing in a stick of cream cheese. Worked wonders. Have you ever made this recipe into a chocolate one?

    1. @bakedbyjen - so glad that tip worked out or you! i haven't tried making a chocolate version, but i'm sure it would be just as good! :)

  6. hi Sandra lee...just wanted to tell you...your lettering, your basket weave, your attention to detail, YOUR DECORATING SKILLS...absolutely spectacular work.

  7. Wow, the cake look so adorable! I wanna try this out. Thank you for sharing ! Lots of love.