Saturday, July 13, 2013

flower surprise inside cake with dried pineapple flower topper for mother's day

Since I didn't do any baking at all during our month in Hawaii, I decided to show you the cake that I made for Mother's Day back in May.  After seeing this post at Tide and Thyme on making dried pineapple flowers as cupcake toppers, I had decided that I wanted to try making some to decorate a cake instead!  I followed this tutorial at Annie's Eats, and ended up with these beautiful dried pineapple flowers!

For the cake, I wanted a simple vanilla cake, but with a twist - I wanted it to have a red velvet flower "surprise" inside the cake!  To do this, I baked up a red velvet cake and then let it firm up in the fridge.  Then I used a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut out my flower shapes.

Next I made a vanilla cake using this recipe at Sweetapolita, filled up the cake pans halfway with batter, and then dropped in the red velvet flowers before filling the cake pans with the rest of the batter! (I actually first saw this technique at A Cup of Sugar A Pinch of Salt)

After the cake layers were baked and cooled, I filled it with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, since I wanted something light and airy and not too sweet, and then frosted it with whipped cream as well.

Finally I added a piped beaded border on the bottom, and finished it off with a dried pineapple flower!

And the best part about the cake, the surprise inside!

Happy belated Mother's Day! :)


  1. Nice Ideas, Love the Chocolate Flowers inside..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. So fun, I love it! I've seen those pineapple flowers, too. I'm excited to try them.

    1. @Mindy - thank you! the dried pineapple flowers are pretty tasty on their own too! almost like a pineapple fruit leather!

  3. Hello Michele! You have given me so much ideas through your blog and I really admire you for your creativity. Thank you for sharing with us your talent and I will wait for your more post. God Bless.
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    1. thanks for the lovely comments @jogara! :)