Sunday, January 10, 2016

team umizoomi cookies

Last year I made these monkey and elephant cookies for my friend Cindy K, who was throwing a birthday party for her daughter Reese. This year she asked me to make cookies again, and this time the theme was Team Umizoomi, a cartoon which Reese loves! We decided that I would make them rectangular cookies with the characters on top - mainly to spare having my hubby make three separate custom cutters, but also because I thought they would look really cute that way!

Normally I would have piped the characters directly on top of the cookies, but this time I knew that since each character had a lot of detail, I would need a guide to help me keep the proportions right. So I decided to first pipe the characters onto waxed paper, with a picture of each character below the waxed paper to serve as a guide. So I started by whipping up a batch of royal icing (recipe in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book), I divided and tinted the icing based on all the colors that I would need (it ended up being a LOT of colors!)

Then I piped the characters on to the waxed paper, waiting for each layer of icing to dry before proceeding with each character's details. Here's Milli...

And here's Geo and Bot. (For Milli and Geo's eyebrows and smile, I used a brown edible food marker.)

I let the characters dry overnight, and the next day I start on the cookies. I baked up my favorite sugar cookies (recipe also in my book) and used a custom copper square cutter (made by hubby) to cut out my rectangular shapes.

Once the cookies were cooled, I outlined them with stiff white royal icing.

Then I filled them in with runny white royal icing, peeled each character off of the waxed paper, and dropped them onto the wet icing.

Then I let them dry overnight once more before packaging them individually in cellophane favor bags.

I thought they turned out pretty cute! One thing I'd do different next time is let the base icing dry a little bit before adding the characters, because as I was packaging the cookies I noticed that a few of the cookies had colors bleed into the white icing.

Happy Birthday, little Reese! Hope you enjoyed your cookies!!!


  1. Oh I love these! It's never even occurred to me to pipe onto wax paper first. That's a great idea! Great job!