Sunday, March 6, 2016

dinosaur cookies

My cousin's son Ethan absolutely loves dinosaurs, so when he turned 3 a couple of months ago, she asked me to make dinosaur cookies for his birthday party! The party's theme colors would be blue, green, and orange, so I decided to make three different types of dino cookies in each color.

After ordering a few dino cookie cookie cutters on Amazon (this one, this one, and this set), I was all ready! I made my favorite sugar cookie dough (recipe in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book!), rolled it out to about 1/8 inch thick, and used my new cutters to cut out the shapes.

Here's Brontosaurus ...

and Stegasaurus ...

and of course I had to make T-Rex as well!

After baking them at 350F until golden (about 10-12 minutes), I let them cool on a rack while I made my royal icing (recipe also in my book!)

I colored my royal icing with gel-based food coloring, and then used a disposable piping bag with a small round tip to outline the dinosaurs with stiff icing. Next, I used runny icing to fill them in.

While the icing was still wet a piped little drops of a lighter shade of icing onto each dinosaur's back. This way I would have flat spots (as opposed to raised spots, in which case you would pipe the little drops after the first layer of icing had dried).

Then I let the cookies dry for several hours (or overnight).

Aren't they super duper cute?

And I just love the color combination!


Happy Birthday, Ethan! Hope you enjoyed your cookies!

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