Monday, September 12, 2011

pool party piggy cookies

My friend Cindy recently introduced me to her friend Monica, who asked me to make cookie favors for her daughter's upcoming birthday party.  Since her daughter loves pigs, she wanted them to be piggy cookies.  But not just regular piggy cookies - she wanted the pigs to be standing upright, and wearing green bikinis!  It was going to be a pool party after all, and her daughter's favorite color is green.

Since I only had a standard piggy cookie cutter of a pig from the side-view, I asked my hubby to make me another custom cookie cutter.  But instead of making it from a soda can like he did the last time, he bought special thin sheets of copper, specifically meant for things like cookie cutters.  Awesome!  All I had to do was draw him an outline of the piggy, and he did the rest.

Armed with my brand-new shiny copper cookie cutter, I set out to make the cookies using my favorite homemade sugar cookie recipe, but you could of course your store bought.  After they finished baking, I outlined a border with bright pink royal icing, and then flooded them with a thinner consistency icing.  Once that dried overnight, I outlined them with pink once more, and then added black royal icing for the eyes, nose, and belly button.

Finally, I added the green bikinis.  The pigs were adorable yet hilarious at the same time.  They actually made me laugh out loud.  But in a good way.

Stay tuned for my next post, which features the piggy cake that I made to go along with these cookies!

*** Update: The piggy cake post can be found here!


  1. These are so cute! I would be sad to see these beauties eaten up

  2. Do you think your hubby might like to write a guest post about custom-making cookie cutters? They're so cool!

  3. These are so adorable! and you hubby made you the custom made copper cookie cutter???? You are one lucky girl! :)

  4. OMG! So cute. Reminds me of the book by Mo Williams I read to Sofia, PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!

  5. Those are truly amazing!!! Too cute! You are an artist, indeed~

  6. Adorbs!!! I love the idea of pigs in bikinis.

  7. this is so cute, love you icing cookies ^^

  8. This is the cookie cutter I need for a Pigg party. Do you sell your bikini pig cookie cutters? If you do,I would like to buy one.

    1. @Nancy - sure, i can ask my husband to make you one. just send me an email with your info and when you need it by! thanks! :)

  9. I would appreciate it so much. My email is Would it be possible to have by the end of may?