Saturday, March 17, 2012

lime green layer jello for st. patrick's day

There weren't very many things to sign up for on the sheet for the St. Patrick's Day party at Matthew's preschool this year.  A few slots for napkins or plates were still open, but I had been wanting to make cookies this year, and that section was already full!  In fact, only one food item was left ... lime jello.  So that's what I signed up for.

Last year the same thing happened with the Valentine's Day party, and I ended up making seven-layer rainbow jello.  I thought I could do the same thing again, except this time I would only have green and white layers.  So I used the same recipe as last time, except instead of four different flavors jello, I only used lime jello.

For the white layers, I didn't have any sweetened condensed milk on hand, so I ended up using a 12 oz. can of evaporated milk with 2/3 cup sugar whisked in.  I think it ended up tasting the same, however after the gelatin hardened the consistency wasn't as firm as it should have been, which didn't surprise me since evaporated milk is much more watery than sweetened condensed milk.

In the end, Matthew missed out on the party completely - he had a fever that morning, so he had to stay home from school that day.  Poor kid, he was so upset!  He kept saying, "But they're going to have a pinata!".  So I saved some jello just for him, and then I brought the rest to school.  Hope everyone at the party enjoyed it!


  1. Hmm mouthwatering, can I have one ????

  2. Those kids are so lucky to be in M's class, always get the best treats!

  3. This so reminds me of my childhood! My mom made the 7 layer jello (I see you have that recipe too!) for just about every family get together. It was her signature dish for holidays; everyone would be disappointed if she didn't bring it. I haven't had it in years. Thanks for the little walk down memory lane!

  4. This looks just like a Vietnamese dessert that contains mung bean spread... =)

  5. Cute! I've been meaning to try layered gelatin or agar bars for a while!