Thursday, January 22, 2015

homemade croissants

After my recent try with making kouign amann, I decided that I wanted to try making homemade croissants as well. So I looked to this Martha Stewart recipe to give it a try!

The method was similar to making kouign amann - make a yeasted dough, let it rise, wrap the dough around some butter and alternate folding and rolling the dough with letting it chill and rest in the fridge.

The difference was that no sugar was rolled into the dough. 

And with croissants, long triangle shapes are cut out and then rolled into crescent shapes.

Oh, and croissants have egg wash before baking, whereas kouign amann do not.

Sadly, my croissants were not as puffy and flaky as I was hoping they would be. I guess this means I'll be experimenting with making more croissants soon!

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