Sunday, April 5, 2015

pink panther cookies

My friend Helen has a daughter named Marni who loves Pink Panther (in fact, she carries around her Pink Panther doll everywhere she goes! So adorable!), so when it was time to make the naked funfetti cake and rainbow cookies for her 2nd birthday party, Helen asked me to also make Pink Panther cookies!

Once again, my hubby made me a custom copper cutter (he's the best!), and once again I used the sugar cookie and royal icing recipes in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book.

After baking the cookies and letting them cool, I got to work with piping my icing. I started by using stiff yellow icing to pipe the outline for the eyes, and stiff hot pink icing to pipe the outline for the nose.

Then I filled in the eyes with runny yellow icing, and then used a stiff pale pink icing (although it ended up looking white instead) to pipe the outline of the muzzle and little triangles for the insides of the ears.

Next I filled in the muzzle with running pale pink icing, and used a stiff rosy pink icing to pipe the outline of the face.

After that I filled in the face with runny rosy pink icing, and filled in the nose with runny hot pink icing.

To add his features, I used stiff black icing to pipe the eyebrows and eyeballs.

And the final step was outlining his muzzle with stuff rosy pink icing, as well as defining his smile and the triangular part of his nose.

And then he was done!

Can't you just hear the Pink Panther theme song in your head?

Hope you enjoyed your cookies, Marni! They sure were fun to make!