Sunday, September 13, 2015

dump truck cookies

My cousin-in-law Kristen has a son named Caleb who absolutely loves dump trucks! So for his second birthday this year, she asked me to make dump truck cookies for him. And since I didn't have a dump truck cookie cutter on hand, I asked hubby to make me another custom copper cutter!

For both the cookie dough and royal icing, I used the recipes in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book. Once the cookie were baked and cooled, I used stiff royal icing to outline each one - black for the tires and window, yellow for the cab, blue for the rest of the truck, and brown for the dirt.

After the outlines had dried, I went back and filled them in with their respective colors.

And after letting that dry for several hours, I went back with more blue stiff icing and re-outlined the blue part of the dump truck, just to clean it up and make it pop.

Aren't they cute?

Happy Birthday, Caleb! Hope you enjoyed your dump truck cookies!


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