Sunday, May 15, 2016

cat cookies and onesie cookies

In addition to the yellow ruffle cake that I made for my friend Bernice's sister's baby shower, I also made cat and onesie cookies as favors! I have made the onesie cookies several times before, but the cat cookies are special. They are based on a logo designed by my dear friends Diana and Gavin (they are the creators of Bumble Ink!). They designed the logo when Diana was she hosting a baby shower for her sister Leona (who loves cats), and I had made cat cookies to look like the cat logo on the invitations. Bernice's sister is apparently a cat person as well, and Bernice thought the cat design would be perfect for her sister!

I started by making my favorite sugar cookie dough, as well as a batch of royal icing (recipes in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book!). Once cut out and baked, I outlined each cookie with stiff gray royal icing, and then filled them in with runny gray icing. Then I let them dry for several hours before using stiff white icing to pipe on the details for the face, ears. Finally an outline with stiff gray icing around each cookie completed the look. (For more details on the cat cookie process, see this link on the cookies that I had made for Diana.)

I also made onesie cookies with a yellow border, to match the yellow and gray theme of the baby shower.

The process is generally the same - after baking and cooling my cookie, I outlined each one with stiff white icing, then filled them in with runny white icing. After letting them dry for several hours, I used stiff yellow icing to pipe on the heart and button details, as well as the final outline around each cookie. (If you want to see more details on how I make the onesie cookies, you can see my previous posts here.)

I loved the color combo of the gray and the yellow, perfect for a baby shower!


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