Monday, January 2, 2017

brush embroidery flower cookies

In addition to the champagne glass cookies that I made for the bachelorette party that Cherish was putting together, I also made these floral brush embroidery cookies in striking black and white. We were going for a classy elegant bachelorette party vibe, and thought these would go perfect with the champagne glasses!

For the cookies, I used my favorite sugar cookie dough (recipe in my book, The Hello Kitty Baking Book!), and used a large round cookie cutter to cut out my shapes. Then I whipped up some royal icing (recipe also in my book!) and used black gel-based food coloring to get a nice deep black shade. I used a small round tip to pipe stiff icing to outline my cookie, and then filled it in with runny icing.

After letting it dry for several hours (I like to let it dry overnight just to be safe), I used white stiff icing to pipe my floral design. As with these brush embroidery teapot cookies and these brush embroidery lace wedding dress cookies, I piped a simple flower outline ...

... and then used a slightly damp (food safe) brush to drag the icing towards the center of the cookie.

Then I did the same for the inside petals of the flower.

To finish it off, I piped a few small dots in the center of the flower. I thought they turned out so pretty!

And I love the contrast of the white on black!

I thought that the design and the color scheme went perfectly with the champagne glass cookies! And The combination of these two cookies would be perfect for a New Years celebration!


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