Wednesday, December 15, 2010

strawberry macarons

My friend Helen had us over for dumplings this past weekend, and I wanted to make macarons for dessert since I know that she loves them.  I decided to make pink macarons to match her pink-decorated Christmas tree!

Since I was going with pink, the obvious filling would be my fresh strawberry buttercream!  And I was excited to try making macarons again, as I was disappointed that my first attempt didn't end up with much of the beautiful ruffly bottoms, known as "feet".  This time I reduced the temperature a little bit (from 350 F to 325 F).  The resulting macarons had a little more feet than the first try, but still not what I was looking for.

Also, next time I'd want to make them more pink.  I guess this means there will be many more macaron-making attempts before I'm satisified!


  1. You are amazing Michele! I will definitly be following your blog...beautiful pics too! ~kris

  2. Would you share Macaron recipe to me?

    1. yes please! i would like this recipe also! :) it looks delicious!

  3. All of yours macarons are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. @Connie - sure! the recipe is from pierre herme's book, but you can send me an email if you want my "loosely translated" version from the book!

  5. dear you macarons look very nice and so beautiful, i try to make macaron and i have same baking matt can you tell me how long that you put in oven and how hot i mean abot 150C??? and how maninut? bec i did not fine yet right and nice like you make my email is thanks you have a nice day.

  6. Can you please send this recipe to me as well? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  7. Hello! I love how your macarons look =). This weekend I had a request to make strawberry macarons. I wanted it to look a pretty light pink color. Mine turned out a dull pink/almost mauve like color. I used Americolor Burgundy - 1 drop only. It looks really good unbaked, but when I baked at 325F, the pretty pink did not show. Could you please share how to make a bright light pink outcome? Thank you!