Wednesday, March 23, 2011

boston cream pie inspired birthday cake

When it was time to bake something for my best friend Sue's birthday, I couldn't decide what to make - something light, like chiffon cake?  Or some other kind of cake?  Then I remembered that she loves boston cream pie, so I decided to make her a boston cream pie cake!

I found this recipe on Everyday Food that I decided to use.  Except I wanted to make a small 6-inch version (the last birthday cake that I made for Sue was ice cream cake and it stayed in her freezer for like 3 months before she finished it!)  So instead of making one 9-inch cake and then cutting it in half horizontally like the recipe says, I made two 6-inch cake layers and tried to adjust the baking time accordingly.

Also I wanted to make it look more like a birthday cake than the traditional ganache-glazed boston cream pie, so I used this recipe for the chocolate ganache and whipped it so that I could pipe with it (I also added 1 cup of powdered sugar to sweeten it a bit and make it more like frosting).

In the end though, I wasn't satisfied with the cake.  Even though all the components for boston cream pie were there, it just tasted like a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I thought that it needed more pastry cream, and the cake was not as moist as I wanted it - I probably need to make more adjustments to my baking time for the 6-inch pans, as I only decreased the time by 5 minutes.

Despite the flaws, hopefully she enjoyed the cake anyway.  Happy Birthday Sue!!!  We love you!!!


  1. Gorgeous!!!!Lovelly!!!Beautifull!!!Just a few words to discribe this cake...
    Nice work.


  2. Incredible job on this cake. It looks fabulous. Boston cream is a wonderful flavor choice.

  3. thanks for the encouraging comments! :) next time i'll work on a moister cake and add a thicker pastry cream layer!

  4. Wow, this looks so yummy! How do you create the effect on the side of the cake? I'm new to all of this lol...

  5. even tho you were dis-satisfied with the end taste result, this is a work of art. it's absolutely beautiful.

    i am new to your blog, i'm going to look for a tutorial of that basketweave icing.

  6. The basket-weave caught my eye, yours looks flawless (excellent work). My boyfriend helped judge a baking contest recently and one of the cakes was decorated like this and he was very impressed - maybe one day.

    This cake looks like it has great potential - just need double the cream (more layers for more room for cream). Beautiful post and pictures though, thanks for sharing!!

  7. So pretty! Your piping looks great. Sorry the taste was not as great as you wanted.

  8. Just came across post. Looks wonderful, but perhaps cutting each cake in half to make this a 4 layer cake, with the pastry cream between each layer would have solved the issue of not enough cream? Just my 2 cents.

    I think my daughter would love this cake. I might have to make it for her. Thanks for the inspiration!