Sunday, March 27, 2011

coffee oreo ice cream

Two of my favorite ice cream flavors are coffee, and cookies and cream (followed by pistachio), so it only makes sense that my favorite ice cream to make is coffee oreo.  I've made this ice cream countless times - for house guests, parties, ice cream cakes ... and pretty much everyone loves the combination.

Most ice cream recipes call for egg yolks to make the ice cream base rich and creamy, but I tend to prefer making my ice cream without the egg yolks (less guilt!).  So my coffee oreo ice cream simply consists of milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and espresso (followed by chopped oreos added during the last five minutes of churning).

In the future I plan on also trying different variations on this coffee ice cream  - coffee and chocolate chip cookies, coffee and candy bars, coffee and brownies ... any suggestions are welcome!

Update: Okay, I caved.  I started using egg yolks in my coffee oreo ice cream, incorporated by cooking them into the custard ice cream base.  It makes the ice cream that much richer and creamier, and now I can't go back!


  1. Hummm!!That is trully a nice icecream...


  2. YUM! I love coffee, I love coffee ice cream and I love oreos. Wonderful pictures!

  3. Hello. Can I ask for the recipe for this one? :)

    1. @.xoxo. - no problem! just send me an email and i'll get it to you right away!

  4. Hi Michelle! Do you mind if I ask for this recipe??!

    Thanks a million in advance!!!!

  5. Can u please post the recipe when u are able to...

  6. recipe please :)

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