Friday, April 1, 2011

more hello kitty cupcakes

My good friend's daughter Naomi loves Hello Kitty (just like me!), so I made her some fresh strawberry Hello Kitty cupcakes for her 3rd birthday this past week.

Ever since my original post on these cupcakes, I've made them so many times I can't remember!  They are probably my most requested cupcake.  The first time I made them, I paired them with my fresh strawberry buttercream.  But I thought the combination was too sweet, and a little too much strawberry.  So now I prefer topping them with my tangy cream cheese frosting instead.

The hardest part about making these cupcakes is dicing the strawberries for the batter.  You need to dice them extra extra tiny, or else you'll get huge chunks of wet strawberries in your cupcake (which scared me the first time I made these because at first I thought it was uncooked batter!)  One of these days I'm going to try pureeing the strawberries instead, but I have a feeling it just wouldn't be the same as a delicate white cake speckled with tiny pieces of strawberries.

Hope you had a happy, happy birthday little Naomi!  I can't believe you're three!


  1. wow, you dice the strawberries?! amazing!

  2. Such pretty, pretty cupcakes. I love Hello Kitty even though I'm so old already :-) I hope she's alright after the tsunami. Happy birthday Naomi!!!

  3. Love all your Hello Kitty stuff! I want to know thought -- what piping tips do you use for Hello Kitty's head and ears?


  4. @Anonymous - for the ears i use a leaf tip, and for the head i use a wilton #5, which is just a round tip that's about a cm wide.

  5. Thanks for the reply!!

  6. Could I place order with you for any cupcakes? My daugter birthday is comming up. Do u have a store? Thanks. I'm in sanjose, ca.

  7. @Anonymous - yes i take custom orders! and i am in the bay area also. please send me an email by clicking on the link for "features and mentions", then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "contact me"! thanks!

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