Saturday, October 25, 2014

princess leia cookies

While making these monkey cookies in my last post, I saw something in the monkey cutout shapes...

Princess Leia! Where the monkey ears could be her hair buns! Maybe it was because I had just been talking about making Princess Leia cookies with my friend Sue (who has a daughter named Leia). But whatever the case, it was all I could see while cutting out my monkey cookies!

So I had to try making at least one Princess Leia cookie, especially since I already had just the right colored royal icing that I needed from the monkey cookies!

So I outlined her hair with brown stiff icing, then filled them in with brown runny icing. Then I used tan stiff icing to outline her face, and filled it in with tan runny icing. Once all the icing had dried completely, I used brown stuff icing to pipe the swirls in her hair, and black stiff icing to pipe her eyes. And for her mouth, I simply used a red heart sprinkle! So cute!

When I make these for Sue (for real), I'll probably play around with the mouth to see what I like best. Maybe a piped red heart mouth? Or a piped thin black smile line? Stay tuned!


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  2. Great example of how to use cookie cutters in different ways, it will keep the clutter down a bit! Your cookies are adorable.