Wednesday, October 15, 2014

very hungry caterpillar cookies

My friend Nancy was having a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed first birthday party for her daughter Isla, and she asked me if I could make cookies to go along with the theme. Since Nancy lives in LA and I have never shipped my cookies before, I told her I'd see what I could do, and she could be my test guinea pig for shipping!

But first I had to choose my cookie cutters. For the caterpillar, I searched through my giant container of Wilton animal cookie cutters, and turned out it did contain one for caterpillars! Yay! I didn't have an apple cookie cutter on hand though, so I ordered this one. And for the hole in the middle of the apple, I decided to use the back end of a piping tip, which worked great!

Since I was making 2 dozen cookies, I only need one batch of my sugar cookie recipe (you can find it in my new book!), which I chilled and then rolled out, cut out, and baked at 350F for about 10 minutes.

While the cookies were cooling, I whipped up my royal icing (recipe also in my new book!), divided it, colored it, and stored all the colored icing in airtight containers.

First up, the caterpillars. I started by outlining the head in stiff red icing, and then piped the sections for his body in leaf green (to get a darker green, I actually used leaf green plus a little bit of black and royal blue).

Then I filled in the head with runny red icing, and for the body I mixed a bit of my green icing with some yellow, and alternated runny green icing with runny green-yellow icing. Then I set it aside to dry for several hours.

Once my icing was dry, I piped on the final details with stiff icing - another red outline on the face, another green outline on the sections of the body, and then I used stiff yellow icing to pipe a circle for each eye, and dropped a dot of stiff green icing in the middle for the eyeball. And then a small dot of stiff brown icing for the nose.

For the apple cookies, I started by piping my apple outline with stiff red icing, and the leaf with stiff green icing.

Then I filled in the apple with runny red icing, and the leaf with runny green icing, and then set it aside to dry for several hours.

Once dry, I piped on my details once more - stiff brown icing for the stem, and stiff red icing to outline the apple.

I thought they turned out so cute! (Even though I didn't have room for the caterpillar antennae and feet!)

To package them, I wrapped each cookie in a cellophane bag tied with raffia, and then in my shipping box I alternated layers of fat bubble wrap with single layers of cookies. Amazingly, they all got there okay - not one cookie was broken! Hooray!

Happy first birthday, Isla! Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed the goodies!


  1. These are actually amazing, and any child (or grown up child's) dream cookie for a birthday party! I love them! x

  2. They are the most adorable biscuits ever! I remember reading that book as a little girl ^_^

  3. I had no idea you wrote a book! Congrats! I've gotta get my hands on it because your cookies are perfection!

    1. thanks @Meriem ! hope you like the book! :)

  4. These are super cute, Michele. :) By the way, I just published the post reviewing your awesome Hello Kitty Baking Book! Just thought you'll be interested to check it out. Here's the link:

    I'm totally in love with your book, so is my Little Girl! :)

    1. @Amy - aww, thanks for the sweet comments, and for the awesome book review!!! :) love your site!