Sunday, January 14, 2018

chocolate cheesecake with dark chocolate ganache drizzle

In addition to the mini pumpkin pies that I made for Thanksgiving last year, I also made this luscious chocolate cheesecake! I had just seen it on America's Test Kitchen (before they got rid of Christopher Kimball 😭) and I was dying to make it!

Instead of using traditional graham crackers for the crust, this recipe used smashed Oreo cookies (my mouth is watering already) which are ground in the food processor and then mixed with melted butter, pressed into a springform pan, and then baked until set.

For the filling, it's your basic cheesecake recipe, but amped up with cocoa powder and melted chocolate (YUM).

Once the filling is poured on top of the cooled crust, the method is to cover the cheesecake with foil and bake at a low temperature halfway, and then remove the foil and bake for the remaning half. And best of all, no water bath is required! Yippee!

Here it is right out of the oven, all puffy and creamy delicious looking.

But we're not done yet. The final touch is to drizzle chocolate ganache...  All. Over. The. Top.


I know it's way past Thanksgiving at this point, but hope you had a happy one!

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