Tuesday, May 8, 2012

another golf ball cake! chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and covered with cream cheese buttercream

Since my coworker's dad loves golf, he asked me to make a golf ball cake for his dad's birthday.  So I made an 8-inch version of this cake that I made last month (based on a golf ball cake at Love & Olive Oil), but this time I made a chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse.

I used my favorite homemade chocolate cake recipe, which I baked in two 8-inch pans.  Once they were baked and cooled, I started on the chocolate mousse filling (the same recipe from America's Test Kitchen that I use for the middle layer of my triple chocolate mousse cakes).

Next I sliced off the tops of my cakes to ensure a flat surface.  After piping my chocolate mousse filling onto the first cake layer, I placed the second layer on top and then let the whole thing chill in the fridge while I started on the frosting (a cream cheese buttercream).

This time I added less green coloring to the frosting, since last time I thought the cake was too "green" and wanted a lighter effect for this cake.  I did a quick crumb coat of frosting over the entire cake, and then a second smooth coat on the sides.  And then it was time for the fun part - piping the grass!

I started by piping the perimeter of the cake with my grass tip, then filled it in until the entire top was covered.  Then I finished it off with a grass border on the bottom of the cake.

The final touch was a white chocolate golf ball that I made with my golf ball candy mold!

This time, the cake took me about 4 hours to make, from start to finish.  Now I just have to practice making large 12x17 cakes - the last one took me 12 hours to make!


  1. What colour and type of green do you use for your frosting? :)

    1. i used a combination of americolor gel "leaf green" and wilton "leaf green". i think they are both pretty much the same color, but the wilton seems a bit stronger. hope that helps! :)