Sunday, October 27, 2013

firetruck birthday cupcakes

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately!  All I can say is that it's been a crazy past several weeks, and I've been working on an exciting project that I can't wait to share with you more in the next coming weeks!  But more on that later! :) For now, let's talk firetrucks!

Last month, a mom from my daughter's preschool asked me to make cupcakes for her son's birthday. He absolutely loves firetrucks, so we decided that I would make firetruck cupcakes!

After I baked up three dozen chocolate cupcakes, I topped them with a tangy cream cheese frosting, using a Wilton 1M tip to pipe a pretty rose design.

Then I set about piping the firetrucks on top of the cupcakes.  First I divided frosting for the colors I would need - red, black, yellow, and white.

Then using a Wilton #3 tip, I used red frosting to pipe little rectangles (with a notch in the middle) on each cupcake. Then using the same sized tip, I used yellow frosting to pipe the ladder on the side of each firetruck.  Next, I used a slightly larger round tip (Wilton #5) with black frosting to pipe the wheels. And for the final touch, I went back to the #3 tip with white frosting to pipe a dot on each wheel, and a small square for the window.

Despite the fact that they looked like one of my kids drew them, I thought they turned out pretty cute!  And I love the fact that you can eat the entire cupcake, without having to peel off fondant or that type of thing. (Actually, I love to pipe frosting on cupcakes instead of using fondant cut outs - see my Hello Kitty cupcakes, dinosaur cupcakes, duckie cupcakes, jack-o-lantern cupcakes, spiderman cupcakes, thanksgiving turkey cupcakes, etc ...)

Happy Birthday, Ethan! Hope you had a fun birthday party and enjoyed all the firetrucks!


  1. So cute, the little one must have been so happy ;)

  2. The details are awesome and love these cure Firetruck cup cakes..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  3. WOW, your frosting is piped perfectly!
    I am way too jealous, I can never get it like that. Good job!

    1. @Kayla DErcole - aw, you're so sweet! thank you!

  4. Made these for my little nephew and he absolutely adored them! The cupcake itself is very light and moist. Definitely a staple recipe to have.
    Great job!

    1. @Eiman - I'm so glad he loved them! Thanks for sharing!

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