Friday, September 26, 2014

iron man birthday ice cream cake

My oldest baby Matthew is turning SEVEN next week! How did seven years go by just like that?!

Speaking of how fast time flies, it's been a year since his last birthday and I never got around to posting the cake I made him! In the past I've made him a Spiderman cake, as well as a Superman cake, and last year he had insisted on having an Iron Man cake! We ended up having just a small family get-together, so I made him a cookies-n-cream ice cream cake, with Iron Man piped on the top. Not my best work, but he still loved it!

The entire ice-cream cake recipe can be found in my new book (look for the Badtz-Maru ice cream cake), so I'll just do a quick summary of the steps. It started with homemade cookies-n-cream ice cream, which I churned in advance and then poured into an 8-inch round cake pan that I had lined with plastic wrap, before letting it set in the freezer. (You may have a little ice cream left over, but no worries you can eat it like soft-serve right away!)

Closer to the date of the get-together, I made the chocolate cake layer. Once it was cooled (you may want to stick it in the freezer for a bit so that it's nice and cold and won't melt the ice cream layer), I unwrapped my ice cream layer and placed it on top of the cake layer. Then I used an offset spatula to smoothout the sides where the two layers meet, and then let it chill in the freezer while I made my whipped cream frosting.

Once my whipped cream was ready, I set aside about a cup of it, and to the rest I added cocoa powder to make it chocolate whipped cream. Then I quickly frosted the top and sides of the cake, working as fast as I could so the ice cream wouldn't melt.

Next I filled my piping bag (fitted with a Wilton #21 star tip) with the chocolate whipped cream, then piped a shell border on the top and bottom of the cake. Then back into the freezer it went.

With the frosting that I had set aside, I divided it and colored it black, red, and yellow, leaving just a tiny portion of white. Then I piped my Iron Man face, filling it in with piped stars using a Wilton #16 tip. Then i added some rainbow sprinkles around the edges of the cake to make it look more festive.

When I was done it still didn't look complete. Something looked wrong with Iron Man's face. So I added some vertical lines to make him look more Iron-Man-y.

Hmm .. it still didn't look right, but oh well, I was out of time. Good thing 6-year olds aren't too picky about minor details!

Here's a shot of the inside ...

And here's the birthday boy and his cake :) He was so happy!

Stay tuned for details on this years's upcoming birthday cake!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks great, I never knew ice cream cake actually had cake in it!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    That is one cool cake
    no wonder his smile is so big♥

  3. I love it! The inside looks so darn amazingly tasty! As to making it look more like iron man, I think if you could add in some shoulder deltoid muscles it would do more of the trick for me or even having his open hand with the circle in the palm overlapping the side of his face.

    Again, I'm just trying to be critical to help because I think you are amazingly talented and I love the outcome here. But the lines over the face gave him more of a Spider Man look to me.

    Anyway, good tip about putting the cake in the fridge so it doesn't melt the ice cream. It sounds so simple but is something I (being not so skilled and comfy in the kitchen) may miss without the suggestion. <3

    1. @Fashion Blawger - ahh great idea about the hand/palm with the circle! if i ever do iron man again, i'll try that! :) thanks!

  4. I can see that your kids really enjoyed your Cake! Really looks great and I'm sure it is also yummy.