Wednesday, October 6, 2010

chicken pot pie

Chicken pot pie is one of those dishes that just makes you feel good.  For me, it is the ultimate comfort food.  Flaky buttery pie crust, rich delicious chicken and veggie soup - I don't know anyone who doesn't love chicken pot pie!  Even my three-year old, who usually has to be told over and over again, "Eat your dinner!", will happily wolf down my chicken pot pie without being told once to eat his dinner!

I like this recipe from Everyday Food on PBS, except I make my own all-butter pie crust, and I also add celery and potatoes to the soup.  For the chicken, I boil four chicken thighs in salted water until tender, and then I take the meat off the bone and cut into bite-size pieces.  Then, I use that broth in the soup instead of canned chicken broth.

I use these Corningware baking dishes for my individual pies:

And a ramekin for Matthew's mini pot pie:

Cover the baking dishes with homemade pie crust, cut slits for vents, and brush with egg wash:

And thirty-five minutes later, it's time for delicious homemade chicken pot pie!


  1. that looks SOOO GOOD!

  2. thanks gav! i'll make it for you guys sometime :)

  3. There's nothing like a good chicken pot pie - and this looks amazing! Thanks so much for linking up at my chicken blog hop!