Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cupcake pops for a wedding

Our friends K and C got married over the weekend - Congratulations you two lovebirds!!!  C knows that I love to bake, and she thought cake pops would be cute to have at the reception.  So a couple months before the wedding, I started baking and testing and practicing making Bakerella's famous cupcake pops.

The first attempt was okay.  The pops were cute, but I needed practice in shaping them and I also needed to practice my dipping technique.

For the second attempt a few weeks later, I made a batch of 30 pops for my co-worker's birthday.  These turned out a little better.

And the third attempt was for the real deal ... the wedding!  I ended up making 100 pops - although some didn't look too great, so my taste testers (my hubby and my 3-year old) got to eat the "mess-ups".  And me, of course.  So only 90 of them made it to the reception.  My husband even built special styrofoam and wood stands for me to display the pops in.  (Thanks hon!)

It was really chaotic setting them up at the wedding, and since I had the two kids with me, I didn't get a great picture of them all set up at the wedding.  But here's how it ended up looking.

Hope you enjoyed them K and C!  I had fun making them!  And I had fun watching people eat them!!! :)


  1. Michele....you are the best. We loved the cake pops. LOL! I like how you called us C and K. I will send you pictures that our photographer took of the cake pops for you. They were so delicious, just like everything you make.

  2. How did you shape the cake pops like little cupcakes? I tried baking cake pops too but mine are always sliding off the stick which I suspect was too heavy. Do you use cake mix as suggested?

    1. hi Susan! i used bakerella's method of mixing cake crumbs with frosting, then rolling a ball of it into a log shape, and then using a mini flower cookie cutter to shape the bottom of the cupcake, and then rounded the overflow of cake pop mixture above the cookie cutter for the top of the cupcake. you can find more details on bakerella's website. also i don't use cake mix, i much prefer from-scratch! good luck, hope your next batch comes out great! :)