Thursday, May 26, 2011

light and crispy waffles

While my cousin Angie was in town visiting, I decided to make waffles for breakfast.  I had found a new recipe on America's Test Kitchen that promised crispy waffles and called for rice krispies in the batter, and I was curious to see how it would come out.

The first waffle to come out of the waffle maker - fail!  I had forgotten to spray it with cooking spray first.  But after that first hiccup, the rest came out beautifully.  And they were crispy!

I froze the leftover waffles so that we could toast them up another day.  Later on in the weekend, my husband made his famous fried chicken wings, and we had plenty left over.  So for breakfast the next morning we had, you guessed it, fried chicken and waffles for breakfast!  It was a delicious combination (even though I left the waffles in the oven too long and they got a little too crispy) - the sweetness from the pancake syrup and the waffles was perfect with the saltiness from the crispy chicken.

I can't wait to make these again!  I might even try making savory waffles, perhaps with a little bit of cheddar and crispy bacon in the waffle batter?  Stay tuned!


  1. Rice krispies in the batter?! Awesome. Thanks so much for linking up to my breakfast blog hop! Pinned :-)

  2. wish i could see the recipe w/out paying for a subscription

    1. @Anonymous - aw, sorry about that. if you send me an email address, i can email the recipe to you if you want?