Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fresh blackberry frozen yogurt

My mom brought over a ton of fresh blackberries one weekend.  She told me that they were on sale - "buy two get one free", or something like that.  So she bought me a whole case.  It was literally more berries than I've ever had in my kitchen at once.  Normally I would freeze those suckers until I could put them to good use (pie, anyone?), but our freezer was already too full.  So, once again I checked my copy of David Lebovitz's "The Perfect Scoop" and found a great recipe for blackberry frozen yogurt!  Perfect!

I pureed the blackberries with a little bit of sugar, and then added the yogurt and blended them together.  After a quick strain to remove all those pesky blackberry seeds, my mixture was ready to be churned!

Then I served it right out of the freezer bowl.  It was refreshing, tart, and earthy.  My son loved it.  My baby daughter loved it.  My only regret was that the leftovers froze rock hard overnight in the freezer, so it required a bit of defrosting before I could serve it again the next day.  I think next time I'll freeze the leftovers as popsicles instead.  Perfect for the summer!


  1. Oh, my!!! SO gorgeous...and I adore this flavor!!!

  2. I'm crazy for blackberry's...this frozen yogurt is just heavenly!!!


  3. Such a rich color, the taste must be marvelous.

  4. yum! i love blackberries :) and sorbets in general.

    btw are you going to charter day on 5/22??

  5. @Lizzy - thank you!

    @Ana Rita - normally i can't eat very many blackberries by themselves, but in frozen yogurt i can!

    @Angela@RecipesFromMyMom - thanks! yes the color did come out quite nice. and it has a very fresh, earthy flavor.

    @kotomi - good idea, this would be great in a sorbet too! i won't be able to make it to charter day this year, are you going?

  6. Amazing color and a wonderful use for those lovely berries.