Friday, May 27, 2011

rainbow sprinkles birthday cake for grant

We celebrated my wonderful husband Grant's birthday this week, and of course I wanted to make him a special cake.  There were three things I wanted this cake to be: 1) light, 2) bright and happy, and 3) it would have a special surprise inside!  Like this:

It's a heart inside!  A chocolate mousse heart, to be exact.  I got the idea from I Am Baker's heart cake, except she filled her cake with a crumbled cake and frosting mixture (similar to what cake pops are made out of).  I used this recipe for the white cake, and the chocolate mousse recipe from my triple chocolate mousse cake.  And then to keep it light, I frosted the whole thing with freshly whipped cream.

For the decoration, I wanted it to be cheery and bright, so I chose to use rainbow sprinkles on the sides.  Also, I had wanted to incorporate rainbows because my husband is from Hawaii, the rainbow state!  But it actually didn't come out how I had envisioned - I wanted it to be so full of sprinkles that you couldn't see the frosting.  But since I had used whipped cream, it was too soft and not dense enough, and the sprinkles sank into the frosting when I smashed them into the sides.  So I got rainbow sprinkles that look like stubble :(

Then I outlined a simple rainbow heart on the top with rainbow chips, and added a birthday message piped in melted chocolate.

The cake came out light, and not too sweet, and had that classic white cake and white frosting "birthday cake" taste, with a little chocolate surprise!

Happy birthday, my love!


  1. Man, this is one gorgeous cake! I've stuffed angelfood cake with mousse, so I know this would be a hit at my house, too! YUM.

  2. I love it!! Happy Birthday Grant!